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Villa Florence Hotel Project

One of the biggest problems our clients face is figuring out how to properly dispose of old furniture and mattresses at a reasonable cost. This is where LRP Recycling comes in! Based out of Massachusetts, our team supports hotels, universities, military bases, and municipalities across the United States with mattress and furniture removal.

Located in San Francisco, the Villa Florence Hotel reached out to us in hopes of removing and recycling king, queen, and double bed sets from guest rooms throughout their hotel. In the end, our team was able to not only recycle the old mattresses and furniture but was also able to remove them from the guest rooms as well. In total, we recycled 26,725 pounds of material.

Are you preparing to upgrade the bed frames, mattresses, and other miscellaneous furniture in the guest rooms at your hotel? Let our team at LRP Recycling help! Contact us today to learn more.

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