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How are your mattresses and furniture pieces recycled?

Once your items arrive to one of our processing centers, everything is sorted. During this procedure we will look for reusable or donatable items. This rarely happens due to non-profits being very picky, but if there are any items we can donate we do that first. It helps others and is always the best way to achieve a 100% recycling rate.


Our ground crew will then separate things by hand with more precision. At this point, depending on the material, items will be either shredded or baled and then sent to our other vendors to be used in the manufacturing of new products.

Mattresses and box springs are cut apart in order to collect all the raw materials: metal, wood, cotton, felt, polyurethane and fabric. These materials are then sent to other companies to give them a second life. An old mattress can be recycled into thermal isolation, which is used in cars, as well as mulch and carpet underlay, among other things. 

Desks, Chairs, Tables, Dressers, Beds, Classroom Furnishings will be disassembled into the various material types. The metal would then be put into a metal pile to be bailed. wood inspected to see what kind of wood it is.




Financial Benefits

LRP Recycling can save costs for your organization by offering a greener and less expensive solution for your mattress and furniture removal needs. In most cases our services are less costly than landfilling the mattresses or furniture and since we have processing centers nationwide we can offer you the lowest rates available at a competitive price.

Project Management Simplicity

We prepare a detailed project proposal and budget. The proposal spells out the exact scope of the project and responsibilities of all parties. We reconfirm start date and time, project duration, and logistics details. We schedule the trailers and carefully estimate the number of trailers needed for the job in order to minimize costs.


Mattresses and furniture must be kept in a dry staging area. LRP Recycling will come with an empty trailer and the mattresses and furniture will be loaded into the trailer. LRP Recycling can provide labor for loading and removal upon request.

Official Documented Proof

The mattresses and furniture will be hauled to one of our processing centers. During this procedure we will look for reusable or donatable items. The rest of the items will be sorted and recycled. Your organization will receive a Certificate of Total Recycling documenting the weights and process types used to recycle your mattresses and furniture once the project is complete.

LRP Recycling Certificate Sample.jpg
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