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LRP Recycling is introducing a brand new service for towns and cities through Massachusetts! We are now placing containers at transfer stations and local recycling and trash centers throughout your community for residents to recycle their mattresses and box springs through us.

How It Works


As a transfer station or a recycling and trash center, it’s less work for you, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that when you recycle with us you’re committing to sustainability. 


Materials We Recycle


Wood - The wood is determined to either be solid or compressed. Then depending on the type it can be potentially be repurposed or made into mulch, energy fuel, animal bedding, and wood chips.


Steel - Much of the steel wire used to make mattress inner-springs and box-springs are made from recycled scrap steel. Once the mattress is discarded, the steel wire can again be melted and poured into new steel products such as nuts and screws.


Fabric, Cotton & Foam - The cotton and foam are sold to companies that use the materials for insulation and foam padding used underneath wall-to-wall carpets and in other cushioning applications.

Working with LRP Recycling

By working with LRP Recycling, all of your furniture and mattress recycling needs will be taken care of! Once the mattresses and furniture are removed from your facility and recycled, your institution will receive a Certificate of Total Recycling that you can proudly display. The certificate will document that no items from your facility have ended up in a landfill as well as the weights and process types used to recycle the mattresses.

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