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Schools & Universities

We work nationwide with K-12, Colleges, and Universities to find a green solution for their furniture and mattress removal needs. Our primary focus is to recycle these items in order to keep them out of landfills.


Did you know that by recycling a full trailer of 300 dorm mattresses you will be saving 14,700 lbs and 3,800 square feet of waste from going to the landfill? 


A set of dorm room furnishings (desk, chair, dresser, bed) adds up to an average of 300 lbs of material that could be diverted from the landfill and reused for other materials. Desks and chair tablets can have an opportunity to be reused and donated to charities to help the less fortunate.


How We Recycle Mattresses & Box Springs


Mattresses and box springs are cut apart in order to collect all the raw materials: metal, wood, cotton, felt, polyurethane and fabric. These materials are then sent to other companies to give them a second life. An old mattress can be recycled into thermal isolation, which is used in cars, as well as mulch and carpet underlay, among other things. 


How We Recycle Desks & Chairs


Desks, chairs, and other miscellaneous furniture will be disassembled into various material types. The metal would then be put into a metal pile to be bailed. wood inspected to see what kind of wood it is.


Official Documented Proof


Once the mattresses and furniture are removed from your facility and recycled, your institution will receive a Certificate of Total Recycling that you can proudly display. The certificate will document that no items from your facility have ended up in a landfill as well as the weights and process types used to recycle the mattresses.

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