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At an average of 23 cubic feet and 55 pounds, beds are among the largest items that a hotel has to throw away. That also means they're among the most expensive. With the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and State Legislators pushing hard to enforce how mattresses should be disposed of, hotels are still continuing to send them to the landfill because they are unaware of any other greener solutions.


According to the ISPA 35-40 million mattresses are sold each year. 14 million old mattresses are landfilled and 20 million are re-sold through renovators.


How LRP Recycling Can Help


LRP Recycling is a Mattress Recycling Service that provides all the logistics necessary to remove and transport these mattresses from any hotel nationwide. Our main goal is to prevent these items from ending up in a landfill. 


We might be able to reduce your cost if you are currently disposing of mattresses during any renovations. We recycle mattresses nationally, which should cost significantly less than disposal and it's easier than ordering numerous roll-offs. We also have an install/removal team for mattresses if you need to outsource that portion of a project. 


How We Recycle Mattresses & Box Springs


Mattresses and box springs are cut apart in order to collect all the raw materials: metal, wood, cotton, felt, polyurethane and fabric. These materials are then sent to other companies to give them a second life. An old mattress can be recycled into thermal isolation, which is used in cars, as well as mulch and carpet underlay, among other things. 


Official Documented Proof


Once the mattresses are removed from your facility and recycled, your institution will receive a Certificate of Total Recycling that you can proudly display. The certificate will document that no items from your property have ended up in a landfill as well as the weights and process types used to recycle the mattresses.

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