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The Difference You Make

El Salvador

El Salvador is one of the smallest, impoverished and most densely populated nations

in the Western Hemisphere. The country’s large population and limited amount of land

stretches natural resources to their breaking points and contributes to housing shortages.

Education is a major concern as well, as many children do not attend school. Only about

half of the people living in rural areas can read and write.

Unlike its neighboring countries, El Salvador does not border the Caribbean Sea, and

it has no new frontiers into which people may move. With an estimated 800 people per

square mile, El Salvador’s population is up to 10 times denser than that of other Central

American nations. An estimated 32.7 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

The Blessing of a Mattress

During this era of COVID-19, our in-country partner FUSAL, has been active in

responding to emergency situations, working hand in hand with organizations and experts

to determine the areas of intervention with the greatest need.

Faced with the economic consequences brought on by the pandemic, FUSAL

activated its humanitarian aid program on March 15, 2020, and established a collection

center to support vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19 and the tropical storms that

impacted the country in the months of May, June and November 2020.

FUSAL became the vehicle used to channel the aid provided by other collection

centers, Salvadoran enterprises, and donors such as LRP Recycling. As part of its

commitment to support communities at risk, FUSAL was able to distribute a total of 360

mattresses generously donated by LRP Recycling to communities most affected by 2020’s

Hurricanes Eta and Iota, and COVID-19.

Many of the families that were impacted live in vulnerable rural communities, and

many have children under the age of 5. Several communities benefited from the donation

provided by caring LRP Recycling, and below is a glimpse of how generosity and

compassion helped to improve living conditions in the area.

Disaster in Apaneca

In the city of Apaneca, located in the department [region] of Ahuachapán, on

December 17, 2020, a huge fire destroyed eight houses. The families lost everything.

Already living in poverty, these families had nowhere to live.

In response to this emergency and thanks to the charity of LRP Recycling, FUSAL

was able to provide mattresses and other basic items through the health promoter that

serves the area. The beneficiaries were vulnerable families who lived in the community,

children affected by malnutrition, the elderly, and large families without the means to buy a

bed for their children.

Centro Monseñor Romero, a Guiding Light

Centro Monseñor Romero is a center with a mission to promote comprehensive

human development among the communities located in the municipality of Cuscatancingo,

a department in the capital city of San Salvador. They work with medical brigades that

regularly visit communities with the greatest need – both rural and urban

– providing medical care, free medication and other essentials. Each brigade is able to

serve more than 100 beneficiaries.

The organization carried out a medical brigade in November 2020, that helped to

identify vulnerable older adults living in poverty who did not have a bed to sleep in. With

the donation made by LRP Recycling, FUSAL was able to step in and provide mattresses

to families unable to afford one.

Communities in Jiquilisco

Below are several of the beneficiaries from communities in Jiquilisco, located in the

department of Usulután, who received mattresses, thanks to the generous donation made

by LRP Recycling.

Centro Desarrollo Integral El Buen Pastor

[Integral Development Center The Good Shepherd]

Centro Desarollo Integral El Buen Pastor, located in the small town of Panchimalco,

in the department of San Salvador, is a center that works with at-risk youths sponsored by the Church of God.

“On behalf of the staff, children and parents, our greatest gratitude for the

beautiful blessing that has been provided to us with these mattresses, helping the families

we serve in Panchimalco, which have been most affected during the pandemic and

storms in the community,” a representative of the organization said.

A Message From Our In-Country Partner

“We are very grateful to donors such as LRP Recycling for its valuable work helping

vulnerable communities in El Salvador, and contributing through this strategic donation to

bring relief and well-being to those in need. By donating these mattresses to provide

comfort to vulnerable families, children and the elderly, you reaffirm your commitment to

work for those who need it most.

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