How to get started?

LRP Recycling will take care of all of the logistics in handling, recycling and transporting your mattresses and furniture. We will tailor the logistics around your needs and operations.


1. Contact LRP Recycling to schedule a pick up of the items you need to recycle.


2. We prepare a detailed project proposal and budget. The proposal spells out the exact scope of the project and responsibilities of all parties. We reconfirm start date and time, project duration, and logistics details. We schedule the trailers and carefully estimate the number of trailers needed for the job in order to minimize costs.


3. Mattresses and furniture must be kept in a dry staging area. LRP Recycling will come with an empty trailer and the mattresses and furniture will be loaded into the trailer. LRP Recycling can provide labor for loading and removal upon request.


4. The mattresses and furniture will be hauled to one of our processing centers. During this procedure we will look for reusable or donatable items. The rest of the items will be sorted and recycled. Your organization will receive a Certificate of Total Recycling documenting the weights and process types used to recycle your mattresses and furniture once the project is complete.

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