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Case Studies

LRP Recycling is dedicated to servicing the needs of our clients. Learn more about our recent projects and see how we're making an impact on communities near and far.

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Nationwide Coverage

We have a nationwide footprint that allows our seasoned project managers to tailor the installation and removal plans in order to accommodate the variables of each project, such as the number of deliveries, contractors’ schedules and/or tight deadlines.


LRP Recycling believes a successful project comes down to great communication. We will work with you and share each step of our plan in the installation/removal process. We will cater our plans around your needs and operations.


We reconfirm start date and time, project duration, and logistics details (access to buildings, keys, local and emergency contacts, etc.). We schedule moving crews and confirm crew size. And we schedule the trailers or shipping containers.


Some furniture removal can be tough if you don’t have the right experience and moving equipment. Fortunately, LRP Recycling has the knowledge and tools necessary to safely remove your unwanted furniture as well as install new items. We fully assure that your property will be damage-free. Our commercial movers are experienced in how to pack and move fragile items.

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Peace of Mind

Removing or Installing mattresses and furniture can be a daunting job. By letting LRP Recycling coordinate the move, it will help take all of the stress and strain off of you. You can rest assured that LRP Recycling will take care of all your moving needs and leave you with a peace of mind.

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