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LRP Recycling is made up of four different divisions that specialize and cater to their respective market: Schools, Hotels, Military and Municipalities. Our primary focus is to recycle mattresses and furniture in order to keep them from going into landfills.


After being very successful in recycling mattresses, LRP Recycling was approached by number of customers asking for a furniture recycling service. Recognizing the need, LRP Recycling was able to create a solution that assists organizations with their furniture recycling needs as well. 

LRP Mattress Recycling (18).jpg


Every year schools, hotels, military bases and municipalities send millions of mattresses and furniture pieces to the landfill without knowing there are other greener solutions to what they currently are doing. Many of these institutions are under the the assumption that recycling is expensive or logistically complicated. We assure that LRP Recycling's services are competitively priced to landfilling and we also provide all of the logistics, transport services and labor necessary so that our customers only deal with one vendor. 

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